How We Are Distinct

We stand out among other competitors due to many factors that constitute our distinction.

•    Dynamic Market Presence: Our regular presence on the ground gives us a unique advantage in understanding market requirements, consumer 
•    Preferences, and staying up to date on all market changes and fluctuations.

•    Market Insight: Our ability to instantly define market requirements and consumer preferences has given us a deep understanding of economic and market change patterns, allowing us to be organically adaptable to market changes.

•    Agile Adaptability: Our heuristic approach to market changes enables us to quickly and effectively adapt to any given situation, giving us a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market.

•    Market Leadership: Our dynamic presence, market insight, and agile adaptability set us apart from our competitors and position us as leaders in the food logistics industry.


•    Longstanding Heritage: With over 60 years of experience in the trade and FMCG business, Abbar Foods has established a long and well-respected heritage in the industry.

•    Market Expertise: Our interaction with the market on all levels has given us a deep understanding of the Kingdom's urban and economic development and the opportunities it presents.

•    Household Name: Our experience and expertise has made us a household name in the food logistics industry, synonymous with quality and reliability.


•    Strong Business Ethics: Our commitment to solid business ethics, transparency, and honesty serve as a foundation for sustainability and success, and are reflected in our reputation and commercial respect.

•    Principles-Driven Operations: We take our principles seriously and apply them in all of our operations and agreements, shaping our identity and maintaining our respectable corporate fabric.

•    Ethical Business Transactions: Our principles are applied in all of our business transactions, reflecting our market stature and commitment to ethical business practices.

•    Reputable Identity: Our strong business ethics, principles-driven operations, and ethical business transactions contribute to our reputable identity in the food logistics industry.

Professional Culture


  • Continuous Improvement: Our commitment to continuous improvement and self-motivation is a proven norm at Abbar Foods, and is reflected in our professional culture.


  • Professional Development: We strongly encourage personal and professional development for all employees, through training and attendance at regional seminars and workshops.


  • Adaptive Management: Our managers and leadership attend workshops and seminars to stay up to date on changing consumer expectations and emerging trends, and apply these insights to our operations and leadership.


  • Employee Empowerment: Our employees are the driving force behind Abbar Foods, and we create opportunities for professional development and a balanced work-life to foster loyalty and a shared vision.
  • Employee Empowerment: Our employees are the driving force behind Abbar Foods, and we create opportunities for professional development and a balanced work-life to foster loyalty and a shared vision.


  • Market-Driven Approach: We continuously strive to improve our operations and better serve the market, embracing the initiatives set forth by Vision 2030 and positioning ourselves as a driving force in the food logistics industry.

On an overall level, our corporate entity will work to continuously improve corporate goals and better serve the market and become a driving force by embracing the initiatives set forth by Vision 2030.

Investing With Passion

•    Passion for Service: Our passion for serving the Saudi market with diverse products, combined with our experience and history, has developed a close relationship between our business and our owners.
•    Owner-Driven Approach: Operating entirely with owner capital, we have set aggressive growth plans that reinforce our corporate existence and reflect our passion for the business.

•    Empowered Workforce: Our labor force has embraced the corporate vision and a sense of responsibility, resulting in customer-centric care and proactive management decisions.

•    Proactive Management: Our approach to business is characterized by quick internal and external responses and remediation, ensuring that we are always responsive to the needs of our customers.

•    Sense of Pride: Our unique relationship with the business and our passion for serving the market have generated a sense of pride and a life accomplishment, driving us to continuously improve and grow.


•    Focus on Professional Development: We believe that functional and professional development is essential to functional sustainability and continuous growth.

•    Technology Empowerment: Our employees are trained on the operation and maintenance of all technologies housed within our facilities, including fleet management systems and advanced sales systems, to ensure that they are always knowledgeable about the operation and expansion of system functionalities.

•    Employee Development: Our focus on functional and professional development provides our employees with developmental roadmaps and the opportunity to expand their professional horizons and knowledge.

•    Efficient Logistics: Our employees are trained in efficient distribution channels, loading and unloading techniques, and other logistics and distribution practices, to ensure that we are always providing the best possible service to our customers.

•    Prepared for Challenges: By equipping our employees with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, we are preparing them for any challenges that may arise in a rapidly changing global environment.

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