How We Are Distinct

We stand out among other competitors due to many factors that constitute our distinction.

The most important factor is our dynamic presence on the ground on a regular basis, which gives us the ability to instantly define market requirements and consumer preferences and to remain up to date on all market changes and fluctuations. This has led us to understand the economic and market change patterns with a heuristic approach, making us organically adaptable to the market in any given situation.


Abbar Foods has been around for more than 60 years in the trade and FMCG business, experiencing the Kingdom’s continuous urban and economic development which brought about several changes, creation of opportunities to distribution and opening new markets to newly released products.

This experience and our interaction with the market on all levels has instituted a long and greatly-established heritage and a common household name.


Having solid business ethics, transparency and honesty are among the vital pillars upon which sustainability and success are built and constitute an enduring foundation for a solid reputation and commercial respect.

We take those principles very seriously and abide by them in our operations and agreements, as they shape what we are today, and surely maintain our respectable corporate fabric. Those same principles are applied when we conduct our agreements and business transactions on every level, which in turn reflects our market stature.

Professional Culture

Through the years, Abbar Foods laid down the solid foundations that became a proven norm that advocated continuous improvement and promoted self-motivation.

We strongly encourage continuous personal professional development throughout all our departments, and line management, resulting in efficiency and a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, laced with fast response and tactical management decisions to cope with a globally changing environment. Our labor force continuously undergoes periodic training and is always encouraged to attend regional seminars and workshops for the purpose of self-improvement, remaining up to date on sales, marketing and manufacturing trends, learning about the dynamic changes and how to cope with them using heightened skills that accommodate those changes.

On a management perspective, our managers and leadership remain to attend workshops and seminars to learn about changing consumer expectations, network with rising executives on both national and global scales to learn and share experiences and skills and attempt to adapt those skills into Abbar Foods’ operations and leadership.

Our employees are the essence of our existence and the driving force that makes Abbar Foods stand out distinctively. While we work to explore and expand our operations and opportunities, there is always a need to create opportunities and job functions for people who are intrigued to be part of a winning team and who sense our corporate vision and embrace it. For the purpose of having a healthy work environment, our employees are well taken care of by exposing them to opportunities for their professional development and a promising career, in addition to encouraging them to gain professional training, and most importantly to have a proper work-life balance, leading to a great deal of loyalty and a shared vision.

On an overall level, our corporate entity will work to continuously improve corporate goals and better serve the market and become a driving force by embracing the initiatives set forth by Vision 2030.

Investing With Passion

Our passion is serving the Saudi market with diverse products, added to the experience of long years of opportunities and challenges, and has developed a closely organic relationship with our corporate entity. As a result, we do not consider our business a source of profit and conventional commercial matters. The proprietor-to-organization relation has flourished to consider our business a being that needs to be nurtured, developed and improved continuously, generating a sense of great pride and as a life accomplishment and milestone.

Because of this unique relationship, we are not leveraged and operate entirely with the owner’s capital and became a driving factor towards setting aggressive growth plans that reinforce our corporate existence. This also impacted our labor force as they embraced the corporate vision of Abbar and promoted a sense of responsibility, resulting in acute customer-centric care through proactive management decisions, speedy business units in terms of internal and external responses and remediation with all entities wherever necessary.


For the purpose of functional sustainability and continuous development, we strongly believe that functional and professional development are essential forces on every level. With the embracement of growing and rapidly evolving technologies, our employees are exposed to periodic training on handling and maintaining the operation of all technologies housed within our facilities.

From fleet management systems, to our advanced and cumulative SAP and Sales Buzz sales systems, and diverse relevant units, it is necessary and critical that our employees are always trained and educated further in a continuous pattern to remain knowledgeable about the operation and maintenance, as well as expansion of system functionalities at all times. This comes as a necessary step in order to blend well with the growth strategy that we follow in our corporate mechanics.

This empowerment is not just set in order to secure our corporate growth and being, but rather sets developmental roadmaps to our employees, enabling them to expand their professional horizon and knowledge, as global environments tend to change at an exponential pace, and greatly equips those employees and makes them ready for any challenges.

On a logistics and distribution level, our employees are trained, and their skills are developed in order to develop more efficient distribution channels, loading and unloading techniques

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