Chairman's Message

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, in essence, a widely growing consumer market, with a norm within consumers and households who continuously seek food items and consumer products that most closely combine the ideal foundational characteristics: Trust, Quality, Value for Money, and Availability.

Due to its distinctively large area, accompanied by its growing population and its distribution across several provinces, urban cities and districts, urban planning and development of new areas require the need to avail the necessary consumer goods and commodities that ensure continuous domestic sustainability, wellness, and convenience.

While there is an abundance in distributors, suppliers and manufacturers of such consumer goods, taking into consideration many consumer-centric traits, there is an eternal constant that is rarely reflected within many suppliers’ objectives and which consumers always seek: Trust.

Since its inception over 60 years ago, Abbar Foods has set its goals and made them the existential pillars through the integration of Trust, Quality, Diversity, and Value for Money, turning them into the ingredients of our corporate growth and the foundational purpose.

These Core Values have also formulated our corporate mission and became the roadmap towards continuous growth and thrive for consumer needs saturation. Moreover, this serves as our guiding element that optimizes our operations, both internal and external, towards a bright future, and our dedication towards consumer trust for many years to come.

In line with the national development set forth by our country’s leadership, we proudly embrace the changes and holistic improvement plans of the National Transformation Program 2020, as well as Vision 2030, we aim to enhance our operations and efforts in order to reach further locations within the Kingdom, as we see that this development plan is to further develop urban areas and provide all the amenities to our national population.

I cordially invite you to learn further about our business, well-planned networks and market coverage in the Consumer Supply Chain, and to get acquainted with what products we offer, how we operate in the Saudi Market to maintain availability, and our outlook into the future of consumer goods. Our corporate details will give you an idea about our corporate being, and surely would encourage you to be part of our leadership with your thoughts, suggestions, and various inquiries.

Ghazi Abbar

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