Due to our years of experience and exposure to the market, we have grown to become the leading distributors of quality foodstuffs and related material.

However, our journey and thrive for growth never stops at one point. Because the consumer market is growing and ever-changing at great speed, there is always a need to grow further to satisfy that market.

As such, Abbar develops an annual objective that yields a sustainable and lucrative growth, with heightened profits, a wider diversity of foodstuffs, and a greater market coverage to serve the consumer in the best way in existence.

This annual objective of sustainable growth is rewarding on many levels, and is based on three dimensions:

Market Reach Enhancement & Expansion Strategies

With the current rapid expansion that we have today, we work continuously in order to further expand our activities and distribution operations that reach entering into secondary markets within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is done through establishing effective networks and better fleet management as well as alliances, to achieve that milestone and develop it further to overcome consumer reach restrictions challenges at a constant pace, breaking all boundaries.

Operations & Distribution Optimization

Our growth strategy is meant to cover another important dimension, which contributes greatly to our strategy. That dimension revolves around the dynamic and continuous planning and investment in the direct distribution network, whereby periodic reviews and further planning and decisions are taken in favour of allocating the necessary investments in resources, training and orientation about the market’s changing nature, analysing the challenges and barriers, planning responses to overcome those barriers.

This results in a well-laid improvement plan that explores further nodes to the distribution network, establishing greater distribution and sales networks and efforts, and expanding the clientele and market portfolios. This will lead to a more resilient infrastructure that improves our operations on a regular basis.

Greater Product Expansion and Development

Product diversity is at the core of our work. Through this dimension, we continuously perform the necessary market research in order to be able to define and develop the expansion of our product range to satisfy further consumer expectations and needs. This is done through performing the necessary surveys, statistical information gathering, administering transparent consumer opinions and feedback.

These relevant activities will help our prime decision-making steps in order to plan the next steps towards the product strategy, leading to further and more accurate manufacturing, total quality control distribution, marketing, and promotional planning to reach out to the consumer market, and further enhances our image as an organization that proactively listens to its consumer wishes and demands.

Of course, not only does this set of activities revolve around our local manufactured products, but also extends towards enhancing our acquisition of international brands, and essentially informs our international partners to plan for a geo-centric set of product ranges that satisfy our national market. As such, this contributes further towards external entities to in turn enhance their own product range and consider the need to tailor their products to meet and exceed customer expectations through their products.

In addition, our market research activities provide us a better insight in order to plan for the acquisition, promotion, importation and distribution of new leading international brands to our corporate portfolio, and which in turn will further diversify consumer offerings to the market and expand further to reach new opportunities and channels.

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