How We Are Distinct

At Abbar Foods, we take pride in living by principles that made us what we are today, and what draws our future journey.

A mix of characteristics, along with visionaries, and a returning need to be part of the community and being a driving force of civic duty.

Our Corporate Values not only impact our name as commodities traders, but also reflects on our image as a major contributor to the nation, society and our Customers.


Our great belief in being a leader in trade, brand ownership and promotion of quality food items, along with the right envisioning of the growing potentials and overtaking challenges that result from economic and social fluctuations.


Through our abiding by global standards in Quality Management and Control, we ensure that our quality check, packaging and distribution operations follow global standards at all times. We firmly believe that quality is one of the major factors that shape our corporate reputation. As such, we integrate the best quality standards into all our operations, up to final and on-time delivery.

Our network of support and post-sale support ensures that quality assurance is executed in order to maintain customer and supplier satisfaction is attended to.


One of the cornerstones to our corporate success, and the most important pillar of our existence. Through our efforts, attention to truth and customer satisfaction, we are able to gain that trust, as it reflects on us as individuals as much as it reflects on us as a corporate entity. With a solid trust from our surrounding environment, whether they were customers, consumers, suppliers, or partners, it surely paves the way to an enduring and fruitful relationship. In other words, we are always keen on delivering what we promise.

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