About Abbar Foods


Abbar Foods, established in 1955, is a leading distributor of diverse consumer goods and foodstuffs. Our commitment to Quality, Value, and Wellness, along with a reputation for Trust and Excellence, has made us a trusted partner to customers and suppliers. Our extensive experience and coverage in the dynamic Saudi market has earned us a reputation as a leader in consumer product diversity.

"Our mission is to empower brands of all sizes to reach their full potential through strong partnerships, expert resources, and a commitment to growth and success. We take pride in our long history of fostering mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and in our ability to introduce new and innovative products to the market and turn them into brand leaders in their category. We strive to leverage our marketing and distribution expertise to help any brand establish a strong foothold in the market and achieve success."

Abbar Foods, a seasoned player in the Saudi market, showcases an impressive array of expertise, experience, and knowledge in consumer product diversity, with a sharp focus on both demographic and geographic coverage. Our distribution network, staffed by highly-qualified professionals and equipped with a well-maintained fleet, positions us as a leader in top-performing brands in the Kingdom.

As a testament to our commitment to market leadership, integrity, and transparency, we are proud to hold a position among the largest providers of premier global brands in the sector, forming strong partnerships with household names in consumer goods and foodstuffs. Our efforts are aimed at expanding our reach as Kingdom-wide partners.

In addition to supplying globally-acclaimed brands, we have successfully implemented the distribution of our own local brands, offering essential household items and components.

Our strategically dispersed network of warehouses, market locations, sales channels, and logistical capabilities enable us to deliver a diverse range of locally and globally-produced consumer goods and foodstuffs to regions, cities, and towns throughout the Kingdom, ensuring professional and prompt delivery across the nation.

At the core of our success is our unwavering commitment to trust, driving our existence, sustainability, and growth. To maintain and strengthen our customer and partner trust, we continuously reinforce our brand alliances globally and adhere to stringent global quality standards in customer service, hygiene, and logistics management.

Our line of business is divided into three key categories

- Aligning with STAR Super and Hyper Markets owned by Ghazi Abbar Group

- Distribution

- Trading

This division allows us to serve the Saudi consumer with a vast range of products and offer a premier shopping experience through our close alignment with STAR MARKET, a chain of super and hypermarkets owned by Ghazi Abbar Group. Our prime points of sale located in major cities across the Kingdom offer superior shopping and purchasing experience.


At our company, we believe in building long-lasting relationships with the finest suppliers in the industry. We are dedicated to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, grounded in our 40-year history of trust and success. Our expertise in marketing and distribution enables us to bring innovative products to the forefront of consumer consciousness and turn them into brand leaders. Our mission is to discover, nurture and bring new brands and products to their full potential.


Our unwavering mission is to embody excellence as the preferred partner for our business partners and trade clients, earning a sterling reputation as the trusted authority in the realm of consumer goods and foodstuffs.


• Powerfully integrated communication and distribution systems, HR and finance practices with prime-quality equipment, machinery, logistics and computer systems for efficient order management and inventory control.
• Continuously evolving End-to-End Quality Control to meet market demands and expectations, from supply and inspection to distribution and communication, with a globally certified Quality Control Strategy.
• Dedicated team of well-trained customer support representatives for seamless Supply Chain support, from supplier to consumer to partner.
• Emphasis on Trust as a pillar for continuity and brand reputation.
• Value-driven operations and sales with a focus on reasonable pricing, product diversity, and choice for wellness and quality.
• Recognition of value beyond monetary matters, including quality and quantity of materials for a better customer experience and value for money.


Leveraging advanced Information and Communication Technologies to drive operational excellence and exceed expectations.
- Strategic planning and forecasting enabled through cutting-edge technology throughout the company
- Employees trained to work on technology to ensure corporate success at every level

Integrated sales operations, warehouses and distribution facilities with award-winning technologies.
- Coordination and alignment of sales activities, operations and quality control through a scalable and resilient platform
- Adaptation to growth and expansion plans enabled through a unified network system with global and nationwide coverage
- Unification of quality control, communication and logistics operations into a massive network system.


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Modern trade


main branches across major cities in
Saudi Arabia


Abbar Foods is a leader in market research and sales, leveraging its extensive knowledge of the local Saudi markets to identify consumer needs and expectations for household products. With a focus on quality and satisfaction, Abbar Foods has curated its product offerings to include a diverse range of imported global brands and locally manufactured products, including foodstuffs, cosmetics, and more. This commitment to meeting the demands of the market has cemented Abbar Foods' reputation as a trusted provider of household goods.

Our line of products includes:

  • Baking and sweets
  • Ready-mix sweets
  • Oil
  • Sauces
  • Rice
  • Dairy Products
  • Cosmetics
  • A diverse array of Pasta
  • Olive oil
  • Spices and Sauces
  • Concentrated Syrup drinks
  • Canned & processed food
  • Household disinfectants



Integrated Company Structure

Our overall organizational structure is built to include all the needed components, activities and planning and execution efforts to bring about the ideal distribution, partnering, and scheduled on-time delivery.

We embrace the concept of Kaizen; a much-needed concept that promotes and guides continuous improvement in operations, procurement, and distribution activities. That is why we at Abbar Foods have a passion to adopt and utilize global standards in organizational improvement and institute rules and regulations for performance, safety and security and promote a sense of a friendly and highly collaborative work environment.


The distinct characteristic of our organizational structure lies within our belief that we must operate as a unified system, where we take responsibility on a vertical and horizontal level. We help one another in order to improve ourselves and our work. This greatly contributes to a unified entity, and where we promote organizational involvement by providing functional suggestions, advice, and a set of war rooms to always come up with the best solutions wherever needed.


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