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Sasso oil has always been on the tables of Italians. Attentive to the well-being of those who choose it, it has a flavor that enhances and enriches, without covering, the flavor of each dish. It is the ideal oil for everyday nutrition: balanced and tasty.

Sasso is a passion for quality. Quality that has its roots in a centuries-old tradition of research, selection and control:

-Attention in the choice of raw materials, essential to ensure the constant supply of the same quality and to always guarantee the characteristics of excellence of the final product
-Constant monitoring of every phase of the production process
-Compliance with the most important international product and system certifications (ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, KOSHER etc.).

Some of our products


Sasso Olive Oil 175 ml


Sasso Olive Oil 400 ml


Sasso Olive Oil 800 ml


Sasso Olive Oil Chef's Choice 500ml


Sasso Olive Oil Extra Virgin Organic 500 ml

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