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While Crystal Hot Sauce is the heart of Baumer Foods, the company also boasts a taste-driven product line that includes Crystal Extra Hot Sauce (three times hotter, just as flavorful); specialty hot sauces; steak, soy, Worcestershire and oriental sauces; chicken wing and barbecue sauces.

Think of Crystal sauce as salt and pepper made better. Crystal Hot Sauce adds a flavorful touch to everything, including beef, fish and shellfish, chicken, vegetable dishes and more. Serve it straight on oysters, or add kick to a cocktail. You can use it to marinate or barbecue, pour on sass or zip up sauce! Add it to soups and gravies, salads and dressings. Use it to season everything!

Some of our products


Crystal Hot Sauce 16 Oz


Crystal Hot Sauce 6 Oz


Crystal Hot Sauce 3 Oz

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