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Established in 1955, Abbar Foods is a leading distributor and supplier of a diverse collection of consumer goods and foodstuffs with Quality, Value for Money, and Wellness always in mind, maintaining a log heritage of Trust with both Customers and Suppliers.

Having been in the Saudi market for so long, and due to its continuous efforts to diversely satisfy the consumer market, Abbar Foods has gained a great deal of experience, knowledge and expertise in consumer product diversity, with a special emphasis on geographic as well as demographic coverage through a set of strategically installed and equipped distribution stations and a well-maintained fleet, topped by highly qualified and dedicated professionals on every level.

Through market integrity, transparency, and the aim to be a leading organization in this sector, we are virtually the largest holders of global brands in this market sector, having formed strong partnerships with household names in consumer foodstuffs, and remain to work to be Kingdom-wide partners of such brands on an exponentially increasing level.

While our efforts have been focused on the supply and distribution of globally-acclaimed brands in foodstuffs, our plans and efforts have eventually and essentially advocated and implemented the effective distribution of our own local brands, covering important items and components commonly existent in all local households today.

Strategically dispersed across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through our well-equipped and managed warehouses, market locations, effective sales channels and logistical capabilities, Abbar Foods has been successful in the formidable supply of various globally and locally produced brands of consumer goods in food and household materials to the widely distributed regions, cities and towns throughout the Kingdom by effectively integrating nationwide operations, professionalism, and on-time delivery, thanks to our strategic network of transport, communications, sales channels, and points of sale.

Because Trust is the most important factor, and is the reason for our existence and corporate sustainability, as well as the condition to our continuous growth, we always expand and reinforce our keenness on forming brand alliances globally to maintain a proper supply chain, and surely thrive on gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers and partners in the market by taking quality, value for money and logistical management through the adoption and enforcing of global quality standards, and the strictest attention to making sure this is implemented in all our operations, especially Customer Service, Quality Standards, Hygiene, and proper maintenance of sales, and communication.

Our Line of Business is effectively divided into 3 major and powerful categories:

  • Aligning with STAR Super and Hyper Markets owned by Ghazi Abbar Group
  • Distribution
  • Trading

Because of the far vision and great ambitions in becoming a leading player in the Saudi consumer market, Abbar Foods cooperatively operates and aligns its activities with a chain of super and hyper markets to serve the Saudi consumer, under the market flagship STAR MARKET. STAR MARKET is owned by Ghazi Abbar Group, and closely works with Abbar Foods in a joint effective operation. As a result, our strategic points serve as a prime node of shopping and sale of our various products and consumer goods and are located in several major cities around the Kingdom.


To provide the Kingdom’s consumer market with high-quality products that yield great value, diversity, wellness, and even greater service.


To be the partner of choice for our business principles and our trade clients and becoming the trusted household name in consumer goods and foodstuffs.


As indicated in our activities and business infrastructure, Abbar Foods has established powerfully integrated communication and distribution systems, Human Resources and Finance practices, with prime-quality equipment, machinery, logistics and computerized systems that ensure continuous proper order management, inventory control, supply efficiency, and communication, focusing greatly on Quality measures.

Because Trust in our brands and products is our continuity pillar, we make sure that our End-to-End Quality Control is continuously evolving to cope with rapid changes and consumer and Supply Chain demands and expectations. From supply and inspection, to distribution, and communication, our Globally certified Quality Control Strategy is intended to attend to market demands and management to a great level. Our sales and marketing channels are only surpassed by our dedicated team of well-trained Customer Support representatives and experts who work tirelessly to make sure that all nodes of the Supply Chain, from Supplier to Consumer to Partner, are well accommodated and are heard at all times.

Value is another impacting element in our operations and sales. While value on one end is interpreted into monetary matters and defining reasonably priced raw materials and ready-for-consumption products, we believe that another worthy dimension lies within quantities and quality of such materials and are reflected well to the consumer and where this proves customers realize value for money in our products, in terms of reasonable pricing, diversity of products, and a better choice for wellness and quality, the best of both worlds.


To enable our operations, strategic planning, and forecasting on a continuous quest to exceed expectations, we believe that acquiring and working inline with ever-growing Information and Communication Technologies, we have planned for, implemented, and trained our employees to work on cutting-edge technology that roots throughout our company, and has become the necessary trend, common practice and cultural discipline to ensure corporate success on every level.

Our sales operations, warehouses, and distribution facilities have been integrated with award-winning technologies that coordinate and align our growing sales activities, operations and quality control, monitoring of activities, and remains to expand along with our strategic vision through its scalability and ultimately resilient platform, ensuring the adaptation to our growth and expansion plans and strategy. As a result, Abbar Foods has been capable of unifying quality control, multilateral communication and logistics operations into a complete massive network system with a global as well as nationwide network.


Years of


dedicated members
in the trade
and distribution market sector


Modern trade


main branches across major cities in
Saudi Arabia


Abbar Foods has harnessed an attire of efforts in market research, sales experts, and a wide insight into the Saudi local markets in order to strategically define the market needs on many products and continues to do so. This has resulted in being able to define the gaps and expectations that the consumers seek when procuring products to satisfy their household needs, and with quality and satisfaction.

Therefore, Abbar Foods has worked on putting in place and implementing great diversity in their products, whether they were imported global brands, or locally manufactured ones, satisfying the consumer market with products that range from foodstuffs such as pasta, processed dairy products and extracts, canned food, cosmetics, and much more.

Our line of products includes:

  • Baking and sweets
  • Ready-mix sweets
  • Oil
  • Sauces
  • Rice
  • Dairy Products
  • Cosmetics
  • A diverse array of Pasta
  • Olive oil
  • Spices and Sauces
  • Concentrated Syrup drinks
  • Canned & processed food
  • Household disinfectants


Integrated Company Structure

Our overall organizational structure is built to include all the needed components, activities and planning and execution efforts to bring about the ideal distribution, partnering, and scheduled on-time delivery.

We embrace the concept of Kaizen; a much-needed concept that promotes and guides continuous improvement in operations, procurement, and distribution activities. That is why we at Abbar Foods have a passion to adopt and utilize global standards in organizational improvement and institute rules and regulations for performance, safety and security and promote a sense of a friendly and highly collaborative work environment.


The distinct characteristic of our organizational structure lies within our belief that we must operate as a unified system, where we take responsibility on a vertical and horizontal level. We help one another in order to improve ourselves and our work. This greatly contributes to a unified entity, and where we promote organizational involvement by providing functional suggestions, advice, and a set of war rooms to always come up with the best solutions wherever needed.


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